The Internet: Behind the Web

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

In my Social Media at Work class we watched a video that discussed the history of the web. Did you know the Internet is the fastest growing invention? Ever? One thing I learned from the video that surprised me is that AT&T and IBM initially told the Internet pioneers that they were basically dumbasses and the companies declined from buying into the Internet. They didn’t think that linking computers to one another to get information would take off like it did. Look who the dumbasses are now! I was also surprised that the first Bush president signed a law that made the Internet a free enterprise to the public. This surprised me because he was a conservative and I thought conservatives were anti-change. Ha! And can you believe that in 1992, when I was 4 years old, there were only 50 webpages on the Internet?! 50! Now there are millions. It’s crazy how much as changed just in my lifetime. The video was informative but I wish it didn’t stop at 1999.



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