World’s Best Boss

February 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The shock of it is over and I think we have all  reluctantly come to grips with Michael’s departure at this end of this season.

I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve been in lately where the topic turns to the frighteningly unknown future of The Office. Whether it’s between friends, classmates, coworkers, professors, or even random people loudly discussing it on the bus, I have heard many interesting speculations for what will happen once Steve Carell leaves. Everyone thinks they know who will replace him, so I am putting all the ideas into a collective blog post because I am an organized person. Here are some theories floating around among my fellow Office fanatics:

  • Will Ferrell: He’s for sure doing four episodes at the end of the current season, and I know many Will Ferrell fans who hope his stay in Scranton will spill over to season eight. I can totes see Ferrell as a hilarious branch manager.

  • Ricky Gervais: He recently reprised his role as David Brent (the UK’s Michael) in an opening scene of the American–and funnier–version of his brain child. I personally thought his run-in with Michael was HIL-AR-I-OUS. The scene ended with him asking Michael if there is a job opening at Sabre. I’m not saying he’s my first choice, but it could work. However, Gervais blogged about who his pick is: Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett.

  • Darryl Philbin: A long way from his humble beginnings in the warehouse, Darryl moved up the ladder and now has his own office upstairs. Plus he has proven he’s got the comedic chops to make us LOL. Also, Sabre IS an equal opportunity employer.

  • Andy Bernard: He’s a man who questions his own sexuality, tore his scrotum while attempting the splits, and has chafing nipples when he runs long distance. What’s not to love about this acapella singer? (he’s my roommate’s favorite character) And I think everyone wants him to end up with Erin, right? Like Darryl, I believe Andy could keep us laughing as branch manager.

  • Gabe: I refuse to continue watching if it’s Gabe.

  • Rando: Maybe the writers will just throw in a new guy?

  • I’ve yet to hear any speculation of a female manager. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


So, those are the most common speculations among my people. Please tell your Michael replacements!


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